A downloadable game for Windows

This game is a first person shooter with unique weapons and weird enemies.

-30 maps of pure chaos
-3 secret maps
-3 ridiculous bosses
-7 strange weapons
-A lot of easter eggs
-Seriously, A LOT of easter eggs.

You are Segan, this weird cat-girl person that kills things very skillfuly.
These hooded folk (wraiths) are goin' around killing people.
They come from Saturn.
Since you defeated them so well last time, a group of scientists from the
Acumen Robotics Space Station implore you to travel into space and
stop the wraiths at their source, and you have little choice but to oblige.

Install instructions

Download the .zip, run Total Invasion II.exe after extracting the .zip's contents.


Total Invasion II.zip 31 MB


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Nice game. Pretty hard though.

Does it use Raycaster technique or is it real 3D?

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Thanks for playing!

It uses real 3d. OpenGL.